FAQs and Pricing

Why should I book with Aggie's?

You will notice right away that Aggie’s Cakes are more delicious than other cakes you have tried in the past. That incredible texture and flavor Aggie’s Cakes are known for is the result of a combination of baking mastery and passion that is simply unsurpassed…

  • We use only the highest quality ingredients, recipes and baking practices resulting in exceptionally delicious and moist cakes!
  • Aggie has been baking and creating masterpiece wedding cakes for almost 40 years – her passion and baking expertise are endless!
  • Nobody cares more about creating a beautiful and delicious wedding cake for you than the team at Aggie’s – This is our passion and our main priority!

We have received countless industry rewards praising Aggie’s Bakery for our incredible cakes!

Couples love us! See our reviews on The Knot.

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When do I need to book with Aggie's?

Our clients typically book 6 – 18 months in advance with the summer months from June – October being the most popular. Based on our reputation and portfolio of previous work, our dates do fill up early, so you should book your consultation as soon as possible.

What is the process to order a wedding cake from Aggie's?

You can start by searching our website or the Internet for any ideas you may have regarding your wedding cake. We encourage you to be a part of the design process and want to work with you to create your dream wedding cake or dessert table. The most important part is setting up a consultation (either paid or complimentary depending on your preference) on our website so you can try our cakes and we can design or select a cake for you. Once the cake or desserts are selected we will provide you with a detailed quote. While most of our customers do book with us after our consultations, you are not required to do so if you are not comfortable with the decision at that time.

What all types of wedding cakes and desserts does Aggie's offer?

Aggie’s offers many different cakes and dessert options for your wedding including these options:

What are the prices of Aggie's wedding cakes?

“Simply Aggie’s” Beautiful and Elegant Tier Wedding Cakes:

  • $3.00 & up per serving
  • Available décor options: smooth, stucco, spatula, comb, simple lace, naked or simple dots
  • Please note: client’s ribbon can be added to any of the listed designs at no additional charge

Custom Tier Wedding Cakes:

  • $3.50 & up per serving
  • Available décor options: custom by quote only

Delicious Double Layer Sheet Cakes:

  • $2.00 & up per serving
  • Available décor options: custom by quote only (if requested)

Excellent Value Single Layer Sheet Cakes (Split and Filled):

  • $1.25 & up per serving
  • Available décor options: custom by quote only (if requested)

Please note we allow any combination of tier cake(s), sheet cakes and flavor/filling options (Just another reason we are very easy to work with!)

Delicious Cake Flavor Options:

  1. Standard flavors: White, Yellow, Chocolate, Marble, Tuxedo (not available with single layer sheet cakes) & Red Velvet
  2. Specialty flavors group 1(Add $0.25 per serving): Funfetti, Lemon, Banana, White Chocolate Chip, Lemon Poppy seed, Pumpkin (Oct – Dec. Only)
  3. Specialty flavors group 2 (Add $0.50 per serving): Carrot Cake, Cheesecake (any flavor)

Delicious Cake Filling Options:

  1. Standard fillings: Aggie’s original buttercream, Aggie’s original chocolate buttercream, French cream or premium fruit flavor fillings (lemon, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, and blueberry)
  2. Specialty fillings group 1 (Add $0.25 per serving): whipped, fudge, custard, Aggie’s mocha buttercream, cream cheese, strawberry filling French cream, chocolate chip French cream, M&M French Cream, Banana French Cream, pineapple French cream
  3. Specialty fillings group 2 (Add $0.50 per serving): cannoli cream, pineapple French cream, fresh fruit French creams, peanut butter cream cheese

Delicious Cake Icing / Covering Options:

  1. Standard icings: Aggie’s original buttercream, Aggie’s original chocolate buttercream
  2. Specialty icings group 1 (Add $0.25 per serving) whipped topping
  3. Specialty icings group 2 (Add $1.25 per serving) Fondant & chocolate ganache


Optional Add-Ons for Wedding Cakes:

  1. 4-Tier option for 150 serving cake: $50
  2. Multiple flavor charge (up to 3 maximum): $25
  3. Colored buttercream: standard colors = $25, Ombre technique = $65, metallic colors $0.75 per serving (BUT must also select fondant coating so total add-on is $2.00)
  4. Specialty design: By quote only (if not pictured on website)
  5. Flowers: By quote only (buttercream, fondant or silk)
  6. Tiered cakes stacking & board charge: $25 (if not pictured on website)
  7. Square cake fee: $25 (if not pictured on website)
  8. Stand rental: $50
  9. Stand deposit: $50 (in addition to the rental fee, will be refunded once stand is returned)
  10. Pillars: By quote only
  11. Delivery & set-up fee: $40 & up (See delivery chart and Google map link)
  12. Cupcake set-up fee: $20

Other Important Notes:

  1. When cheesecake is selected for any tier cakes or double layer sheet cakes it will be 1-layer of cheesecake and 1-layer of regular cake (customer’s choice of cake flavor)
  2. Tuxedo flavor cake is not available for single layer sheet cake orders
  3. It is the client’s responsibility to provide any ribbon and rhinestones that they would like on the cake, but Aggie’s will apply the ribbon and rhinestones at the bakery prior to delivery. The ribbon is due at the bakery 30 days prior to the wedding.
  4. Aggie’s does not accept any real flowers at the bakery. It is the florist’s responsibility to place any real flowers on the cake after delivery.
  5. Aggie’s does not accept any cake toppers at the bakery. However, Aggie’s will place the topper on the cake upon delivery if instructed to do so when the cake is ordered.

Individual Table Centerpiece Cakes (all flavor, filling and frosting options listed above apply for centerpiece cakes as well):

  1. $35 = 6″ table cake (12 – 14 servings)
  2. $45 = 8” table cake (18 – 26 servings)

Wedding Cupcakes (all flavor, filling and frosting options listed above apply for cupcakes as well):

  1. $1.00 & up – Mini Size (Weight & Size)
  2. $2.00 & up – Standard Size (Weight & Size)
    1. Add $.25 for filling
    2. Add $.25 & up for custom decoration
  3. $3.00 & up – Jumbo / Retail Size (Weight & Size)


  1. $12 – $15 per dozen (See website for details and complete menu)
  2. Options include: eclairs, cannoli’s, cream puffs, almond tarts, double-thick fudge brownies, mini cheesecake cups (any flavor listed above), specialty mini cupcakes, chocolate mousse tarts and fresh fruit tarts ($15)

Petite Cookies:

  1. $12 – $15 per pound (See website for details and complete menu)
  2. Options include: pecan fingers, pecan turtles, French butter cookies, chocolate dipped, assorted sugar cookies and Mexican wedding cake cookies

4″ and 2″ Pies:

  1. 4″ pies = $3.95 (fruit flavors) – $4.95 (pecan and almond)
  2. 2″ pie tarts = $2.00 (fruit) – $2.50 (pecan and almond)
  3. Available flavors: apple, cherry, blueberry, pecan & almond)
  4. Please note: minimum order of 12 per flavor

Does Aggie's deliver wedding cakes?

Yes, Aggie’s does deliver wedding cakes and/or desserts. Here are the current guidelines and link to the delivery map and pricing by zone: