Aggie’s History

Filippo and Nina Bongiorno emigrated with their two children from Palermo, Sicily to Detroit, Michigan in 1953. Two years later their 3rd child, Aggie, was born. The Bongiornos worked long hours for other businesses before they finally fulfilled their dream and opened a family-owned bakery in 1977. Using their family recipes past down through the generations, the Bongiorno Bakery was an immediate success! This is when Aggie’s life long passion began for crafting delicious cakes and pastries made from scratch.  For 37 years Aggie’s passion for crafting incredible baked goods was the heart of the business, but in 2019 she made the difficult decision to retire and enjoy the life she built with her family by her side.

Aggie, and her family, carefully chose the next family to take over the business because they knew they would honor the bakery’s beautiful history and love it just as much as they did.  Rachel Schmidbauer, and her sister Beth Leffler, purchased the bakery in 2019 with their business partner Phil Bergold. Rachel started selling baked goods for friends and family out of her house in 2010, quickly gained a following and Baked Custom Desserts was born.  Rachel’s sister, Beth, left her job of 30 years to take a risk on this new business and, together, they built something incredible. As the customer base continued to grow, their rented space at a popular East Side Bakery was no longer big enough and, as if fate intervened, Aggie’s became available to purchase, the businesses were combined, and the rest is history.

The family’s passion is stronger than ever for crafting the same incredible baked goods that Aggie’s family had been known for since 1977, while continuing to add new and exciting recipes, for customers to enjoy for years to come.

We look forward to seeing you at the bakery!